AtlaZ – Dr. Matthias Gossmann

"Due to the ease of use of the AtlaZ system, there was no support needed. After a brief introduction to the measurement software, we could start the experiments right away. Still, Nanion team was very supportive during the analysis and assessment of the recorded data."

Dr. Matthias Gossmann; co-founder and CEO at innoVitro
AtlaZ – Prof. Dr. Percy Knolle

"My experience with Nanion´s technology was great, achieving highly reproducible data with the AtlaZ platform from day 1 was convincing for me."

Prof. Dr. Percy Knolle, Technical University of Munich (TUM)
AtlaZ – Michael Dudek, Ph.D.

"The AtlaZ has a clean user interface with a cool design. The system allows for a robust and consistent data generation and analysis and there is no fear to miss out on any relevant data."

Michael Dudek, Ph.D., Technical University of Munich (TUM)

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