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High quality reagents for automated patch clamp

Reliable buffer solutions are critical for patch clamp applications. Our goal is to provide high-class recording solutions that leave you in no doubt about quality and stability.

Sophisticated quality management (QM) including the highest requirements for the purity of chemicals, regular tests on our patch clamp systems, and long-term testing makes us your partner for demanding research projects and drug development. Our QM follows a completely transparent concept, which ends with meaningful certificates for quality and MSDS.

We are a team of electrophysiologists with over 20 years' of experience in the design and production of buffer solutions for patch clamp experiments. We have used our knowledge and experience to put together a diverse portfolio of external and internal solutions so that you can get the most out of your experiments.


Innovations in electrophysiology have prompted a high demand for simplified workflows and solutions you can rely on.  Nanion’s stable, long-life and ready-to-use buffer solutions are produced to the highest quality to facilitate your research.

Nanion’s buffer solutions are certified, tested and made with the highest purity chemicals. Our large range of solutions, short delivery times and tailored discount schemes ensure that you will meet your research goals on-time and within budget. All our solutions are quality checked at our headquarters and provided in recyclable PET bottles.

Buffers and Solutions for SyncroPatch, Patchliner and Port-a-Patch

Reliable buffer solutions are critical for any electrophysiological application. Our goal is to provide high-class recording solutions that leave you in no doubt about quality and stability. Our quality assurance includes chemical tests as well as tests on our patch clamp systems of each lot.


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