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Buffer solutions

Buffer solutions – Dr. Yusuf Tufail

"At the Salk Institute, I was actually using Nanion´s Buffer Solutions for my "traditional" old-school patch experiments. Nanion´s formulation was much more reliable and actually easier to patch with. It was more consistent than what I could produce in-house!"

Dr. Yusuf Tufail, Senior Scientist, Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California.
Buffer solutions – Axel Brüggemann

"We are your partner for electrophysiology recording solutions for customized research and development. Nanion´s innovative, stable, long-life and ready-to-use buffer solutions are created for efficiency to facilitate your research and assist you in meeting tight deadlines."

Axel Brüggemann, Product Manager of Reagents, Nanion Technologies
Buffer solutions – Dr. Andrea Brüggemann

"Innovations in electrophysiology have created a strong demand for high quality buffer solutions capable of supporting smooth workflows for increasingly complex measurements with automated patch clamp systems. Certified, tested buffer solutions, using chemicals of the highest purity on the market have always been of paramount importance. Nanion brings together excellent buffer solution quality with minimal effort on your part to support electrophysiologists and their experiments."

Dr. Andrea Brüggemann, CSO, Nanion Technologies

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