CardioExcyte 96

Contractility. Electrophysiology. Viability.

Combined contractility, electrophysiology and cell viability

The CardioExcyte 96 is a hybrid system recording both contractility and electrophysiology of intact cardiomyocyte networks. In addition, the base impedance readout is continuously and automatically monitored as a measure of acute and chronic cell activity. No subtleties of cytotoxic responses are missed, this includes non-contractile cell types such as hepatocyte-like cells or cancer cells as well as contractile cardiac cells. Impedance and extracellular field potential measurements are performed at high resolution, are non-invasive, and label-free. The CardioExcyte 96 is an automated device, recording from 96 wells at a time.



With embedded electronics and sophisticated sensor technology integrated into the well-plate-based consumables, the CardioExcyte 96 is a turn-key system for efficient impedance and extracellular field potential measurements. The CardioExcyte 96 package includes an Incubation System which makes the system independent of an incubator. The system is placed on the bench top with maintained control over temperature, gas mix, and humidity.

Efficiency and ease of use are facilitated by an outstanding software package for data handling and export - an essential part of the CardioExcyte 96 system. The system has been validated with stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes from all major stem cell providers, as monolayers or beating 3D-clusters, as well as with cell lines (hepatocyte-like cells, cancer cells, etc.) for cytotoxicity studies.

Monitor, stimulate, dose, and analyse your cells in a 96-well format

CardioExcyte 96 is a compact hybrid technology, combining several functional readouts under physiological conditions, directly on your bench. Automated detection of arrhythmic events allows a fast and accurate analysis process over multiple wells simultaneously. Investigating hiPSC-CMs, CardioExcyte 96 measurements allow to  predict torsadogenic risk as the system is highly sensitive at providing information about arrhythmic properties of compounds.


CardioExcyte 96 Product sheet

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