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CardioExcyte 96

CardioExcyte Control software package

The CardioExcyte Control software supports online analysis of beating parameters recorded from 96 wells, simultaneously. The unique Mean Beat Function significantly eases the experimental workflow, as it automatically visualizes the average of beat traces from one well, enveloped by the standard deviation. The standard deviation envelope indicates the consistency of the beat pattern within the recording well, i.e. if the cellular network is synchronously beating or not. The CardioExcyte control software is intuitive and easy-to-use, yet very powerful in terms of experimental setup and online visualization of the recorded data.

  • Online monitoring of raw data traces, mean beat and online analysis all in one single screen
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Versatile cardiac readouts: Beat rate/regularity, amplitude, FPD-max, FPD-zero, rise and fall time, pulse width etc.
  • Base impedance read out
  • Sensor temperature read out

DataControl 96 software package

The DataControl 96 is an independent software package specially designed to load and analyze data recorded on the CardioExcyte 96. It allows fast and accurate analysis and standardized processes by automated preloading of recorded files and custom defined analysis templates. With integrated customized export formats of analysis results, DataControl 96 offers a complete start-to-finish data analysis solution.

  • Extremely powerful, yet easy to use analysis software
  • Instant recalculation of data upon parameter changes with broad range of QC options
  • Control group normalization or pooling of data
  • Compound effects visible in seconds
  • Highly customizable exporting to databases

An adaptive peak detection algorithm extracts the positions and values of beating events within the EFP- and impedance recordings.

DataControl 96 represents a huge step towards standardized experiment analysis of large data amounts. All the well's individual raw data, analysis results, concentration
Hans-Peter Scholz
Biopharma, Global Early Non-Clinical Safety
Merck KGaA

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