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CardioExcyte 96

Supported recording modes
impedance-, electric field potential (MEA-like) recordings
Impedance / EFP resolution & bandwidth
Imp: 1-10 ms, 0-500 Hz / EFP: 0.1-1 ms, 0.1 Hz-5 kHz
Electrical impedance spectroscopy range
0.1-100 kHz
Temperature sensing
multi-sensor temperature control
Validated human induced pluripotent stem cells
Validated embryonic stems cells
Parallel recording channels
Stand-alone system
integrated incubation system
Automated liquid handling
Integra Viaflow Assist
Cardiac cell pacing
electrical and optical (optional)
Plates available:
standard plates; stimulation plates; transparent plates

Standard Delivery Package

The CardioExcyte 96 platform includes:

  • Recording system with environmental control and a gas mixer (hypoxia feature optional)
  • Impedance and electrical field potential (MEA-like) recordings
  • Recording and analysis software package
  • Automated multichannel pipetting - Integra Viaflo Assist (optional)
  • SOL optical stimulation (optional)
  • Various CardioExcyte recording plates
  • Comprehensive service plans (optional)
  • On-site installation support
  • 1-year warranty (plus optional annual service plan thereafter for unmatched support)

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