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FLEXcyte 96

FLEXcyte Control software

The data recording and analysis software package available for FLEXcyte 96 supports online analysis of beating parameters and quantifies the contractile force of cardiomyocytes. The unique Mean Beat Function automatically visualizes the average contractility patters within the recorded well, enveloped by the standard deviation, indicating the synchronicity of the beating cellular network.

The DataControl 96 software

The DataControl 96 software package is an independent software package to load and analyze data recorded on the FLEXcyte 96. DataControl 96, accelerates data analysis by quick and easy loading of recorded files and user-defined analysis templates.

  • Contractile force (mN/mm2) detection
  • Instant recalculation of data upon parameter changes
  • Broad range of QC options
  • Templated data analysis allows for results within seconds
  • Highly customizable exporting to databases
Human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes are the future of safe and efficient drug development. The FLEXcyte technology provides a tool for functional cardiac toxicology and efficacy
Dr. Peter Linder

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