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FLEXcyte 96

FLEXcyte 96 System

The FLEXcyte 96 package includes a recording unit for contractile force readouts and environmental control (optional hypoxia feature) allows for measurements outside of the cell culture incubator. The complete setup fits on a lab benchtop and is equipped with a computer, recording and analysis software package.

Automated multichannel pipetting for CardioExcyte 96 and FLEXcyte 96

The FLEXcyte package offers an optional Integra Viaflo Assist automated multichannel pipetting robot. Integra Viaflo Assist is a compact system, that provides reproducible 96-well plate handling of cells and compounds.

CardioExcyte 96 and FLEXcyte 96 Incubation System

The FLEXcyte 96 system operates outside of the cell culture incubator, due to its incubation system. Even long-term recordings can be performed on a lab benchtop, as the incubation system takes care of the optimal temperature, CO2 gas mix, and humidity.

For investigation of hypoxic conditions, the CardioExcyte 96 Incubation System optional hypoxia variation, allows not only for regulation of CO2 levels, but N2 levels as well. This unique set-up opens possibilities for various experimental conditions mimicking an oxygen-deprived environment.

CardioExcyte 96 and FLEXcyte 96 SOL

The stimulating optical lid, CardioExcyte 96 / FLEXcyte 96 SOL, uses LEDs for spatially uniform stimulation of cells transfected with light-gated ion channels such as Channelrhodopsin2 (ChR2). After transfection of iPS cardiomyocytes with ChR2 the cells can be stimulated by blue light. Each light impulse induces a depolarization of the cells and thus an action potential is triggered. The advantages of optical stimulation over electrical stimulation include the highly precise timing, and all cells of the beating network are stimulated exactly at the time of the light stimulus. In contrast, electrical stimulation propagates from the electrode across the well and thus cells are stimulated progressively.

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