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Orbit 16 TC

Orbit 16 TC control software

The Orbit 16 TC comes with the EDR4 software developed by our partner Elements S.R.L. (Italy). This software interface enables easy control of the 16-well recording chip, showing, and saving data in real-time.

With the ERD4 software, you can easily choose and modify settings for your recordings, such as input current ranges, bandwidth, voltage stimuli, and electrode offset. Parameters like Resistance, Capacitance, and rms can be continuously monitored, and the data can be saved in .dat or .abf format.

A variety of online analyses can be done on live experiments, such as current histograms, FTT analysis, I/V plots, dwell time, and inter-event time histograms.

Orbit 16 TC analysis software

The Orbit 16 TC uses the Elements Data Reader (EDA) which allows data visualization and analysis of the data acquired with the Elements instruments using the .dat or .abf file format.

EDA supported features are current histograms, current events detection, current spectrum (FFT), I/V plot, current step detection, filters. If you want to learn more about the EDA, you can visit their website here (EDR3 & EDA - Elements (

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