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MECA 4 chips

The MECA recording chips are produced and quality assured by our partner Ionera Technologies GmbH in Freiburg Germany and shipped from Munich to our international customers. Different types of MECA recording chips are available which should be chosen depending on experiment. The MECA chip has been validated with several different ion channels including KcsA, gramicidin, α-hemolysin, KV1.3, NaV and many more.

Description and Material

  • An array of 2x2 circular microcavities in the highly inert polymer.
  • Each cavity contains an individual integrated Ag/AgCl-microelectrode.
  • The bilayer is formed by painting.
  • High success rates for functional bilayers.

Available chip types

  • "MECA 4 Recording Chips 50 µm": Four-well recording chip with 50 µm cavity size (Order # 132001)
  • "MECA 4 Recording Chips 100 µm": Four-well recording chip with 100 µm cavity size (Order # 132002)
  • "MECA 4 Recording Chips 150 µm": Four-well recording chip with 150 µm cavity size (Order # 132003)
  • " MECA 4 Recording Chips Fluo": Four-well recording chip for fluorescence applications with 150 µm cavity size (Order # 132004)

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