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Orbit mini

Simultaneous recordings
Fully parallel gap-free recording of 4 channels, various voltage protocols
4 artificial bilayers in parallel
Size and weight (without supply unit for temperature control)
138 x 74 x 44 mm, 0.5kg
Temperature control
Integrated 10W peltier element
Build-in 4channel amplifier
max. 100 kHz Bandwidth at 200 kHz sampling rate
Low pass filter
60 Hz – 100 kHz
Sampling rate
1.25 to 200 kHz
Selectable gain (full current range / gain)
200 pA / 2.25 GΩ and 20 nA / 22.5 MΩ
Implemented zapping function
1.65 V for 100 ms
Power supply
USB powered (additional power supply only for temperature controlled operation)
Offset compensation
Automated, all channels individually addressable
RMS noise levels with open chip
10 kHz bandwith - 0.8 pA RMS noise level
20 kHz bandwith - 1.0 pA RMS noise level
50 kHz bandwith - 1.8 pA RMS noise level
100 kHz bandwith - 3.0 pA RMS noise level

Standard Delivery Package

The Orbit mini includes:

  • Main recording unit
  • Built-in four channel amplifier (Elements S.R.L.)
  • Optional temperature control unit for active cooling or heating of the recording chamber.
  • MECA 4 (Ionera) disposable recording chips.

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