Versatile and sophisticated.

Most versatile automated patch clamp system on the market

The Patchliner is a fully automated patch clamp system which records from either 4 or 8 cells simultaneously. The HEKA EPC10 amplifiers, full control over the pipette speed, ability to change protocols on-the-fly and flexible add-ons for temperature control and dynamic clamp make this instrument the most versatile APC system on the market. The Patchliner is tried and tested and is appreciated in academia, industry and CROs alike since its introduction in 2006.


The Patchliner is versatile yet robust, ideal for basic research of ion channel biophysics and mechanisms of action, sophisticated assays such as heat activation, right through to routine assays such as safety screening of hERG or other cardiac ion channels in accordance with the CiPA initiative.

The Patchliner is a medium throughput automated patch clamp system which comes as a 4 or 8 channel version. Experimental protocols are programmed using the PatchControlHT software which controls the Tecan robot for addition of solutions, cells and compounds, and controls the PatchMaster software for data acquisition. NPC-16 chips, the consumable for the Patchliner, can be loaded on the chip wagon and the instrument can run unattended for 48 recordings.

The Patchliner is supplied as a complete system including Tecan pipetting robot, HEKA EPC10 amplifiers, NPC-16 chips, Reagent starter kit and all the required software. Add-ons for Temperature control, Cooled CellHotel and dynamic clamp (Dynamite8) are also available to expand the experimental possibilities.

Our dedicated team of electrophysiologists and engineers are committed to continuous in-house assay development, software and hardware advancements, ensuring fast and custom-tailored solutions for your assay demands.

Do you want a reliable automated patch clamp system with high quality data?

The Patchliner is a fully automated planar patch clamp instrument recording from up to 8 cells simultaneously. With its vast experimental freedom and gigaseal data quality, the Patchliner is one of the most versatile patch clamp instruments on the market.


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