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NPC-16 chip

The NPC-16 chip is a proprietary innovative product by Nanion Technologies, developed for the Patchliner. It is produced and quality-assured in-house at Nanion headquarters and shipped from Munich to our international customers. Different types of NPC-16 chips are available which should be chosen depending on cell size and application.

Description and Material

  • Each NPC-16 chip contains 16 recording chambers
  • The chip comprises a borosilicate glass slide encased in a cartridge forming the microfluidic channels
  • Microfluidic channels ensure fast and complete exchange of solution
  • Supports external solution exchange during recording and internal solution exchange during an experiment
  • Three chips can be loaded onto the Patchliner and 48 recordings can be performed without user intervention
  • Waste removal ensures that the number of exchanges of either the internal or the external solution is unlimited
  • Single hole or multi-hole chips are available
  • A range of aperture sizes are available corresponding to different resistances (low, medium and high)

Available chip types

  • "NPC-16, 1x, medium resistance": One hole/well, 1.8 - 3 MOhm (Order # 071102)
  • "NPC-16, 4x, medium resistance": Four holes/well, ~1 MOhm (Order # 071401)
  • "NPC-16, 1x, low resistance": One hole/well, 1.5 - 2 MOhm (Order # 071103)
  • "NPC-16, 1x, high resistance": One hole/well, 3 - 5 MOhm (Order # 071101)
  • "NPC-16, 1x, ultra-high resistance": One hole/well, 5 -8 MOhm (Order # 071104)

Other resistances available upon request!

Buffer solutions

Reliable buffer solutions are critical for any electrophysiological application. Our goal, therefore, is to provide high-class recording solutions that leave you in no doubt about quality and stability. Our quality assurance includes chemical tests as well as tests on our patch clamp systems of each lot. Our buffers are shipped with the corresponding "Certificates of Analysis" and "Material Safety Data Sheets" (MSDS).

How can we help you?

Contact our specialist Dr. Nadine Becker (Product Manager of the Patchliner). Nadine is delighted to help you:
or call: +49 89 2190 95-054
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