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Simultaneous recordings
4 or 8
250 - 600 data points per day
Successful whole-cell recordings
70 - 90%
Unattended operation
Up to 3 chips (48 recordings)
Approx. 3 hours
Seal resistance
> 1 GΩ
Series resistance
< 10 MΩ
Chip resistance
Low, medium, high, ultra-high resistance
Multi-hole (4x)
Recording configuration
Whole-cell, perforated patch, cell attached
Cell types
Cell lines (e.g. CHO or HEK),
Stem cells (e.g. cardiac, neuronal)
Primary cells (e.g. red blood cells, immune cells, epithelial cells ,cancer cell lines, smooth muscle cells, synoviocytes etc)
Whole-cell stability
> 30 minutes
Perfusion time constant
< 20 ms
Minimum exposure time
200 ms
Required cell density
100,000 - 500,000 cells/ml
Cells required per well
500 - 17,500
Unlimited solution additions
Consumable shelf life time
> 1 year
Temperature control
Up to 60°C (heating only)
Current clamp
Integrated as standard

Standard Delivery Package

The Patchliner includes:

  • Patchliner Quattro: 4 amplifier channels
  • Patchliner Octo: 8 amplifier channels
  • 1 – 2 HEKA EPC10 Quadro amplifiers
  • Windows 10 OS with PatchControlHT and PatchMaster software
  • Patchliner Data Analysis Package (incl. Igor Pro)
  • NPC-16 borosilicate recording chips
  • Reagent starter kit
  • 1 year warranty with further optional comprehensive service plans available


How can we help you?

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or call: +49 89 2190 95-054
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