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The Patchliner platform is a complete automated patch clamp system for recording from either 4 or 8 cells simultaneously. The system contains 1 or 2 HEKA EPC10 Quadro amplifiers, software for data acquisition and analysis, NPC-16 chips and a reagent starter kit to ensure you get results from day 1.

Patchliner Temperature Control

The Temperature Control add-on for the Patchliner can be used to heat the measure-head, chip wagon and pipette of the Patchliner. The temperature of each component can be individually set to ensure optimal temperature at the cell. Ideal for recordings at physiological temperature and transient temperature jumps to activate heat-activated ion channels.

Patchliner CoolingPlate

The Patchliner CoolingPlate is an add-on for the Patchliner for the cooling of cells and solutions. This improves stability of solutions and viability of cells resulting in increased seal resistance and whole cell stability, even hours after harvesting. The CellHotel plus 8 Eppendorf tubes can be cooled simultaneously.

Patchliner Dynamite8

The Dynamite8 is a fully automated dynamic clamp add-on for the Patchliner. IK1 simulation and seal compensation are individually calculated for each cell for up to 8 cells simultaneously resulting in more stable, negative resting membrane potentials and improved stability and shape of APs recorded from human induced pluripotent stem-cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hiPSC-CMs). The Dynamite8 is the only automated dynamic clamp system fully integrated into an automated patch clamp instrument.

Patchliner Safety Edition

The Patchliner Safety Edition comes fully equipped with all the latest CiPA recommended voltage protocols and SOPs, along with Temperature Control, CoolingPlate and Dynamite8 add-ons. The Patchliner is contained within a specially designed housing to ensure a secure environment and the installation and training is focused on safety pharmacology experiments.

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