Port-a-Patch mini

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Built on the success of the Port-a-Patch, we miniaturized the patch clamp system even further by integrating the amplifier into the system making an even smaller patch rig! The Port-a-Patch mini offers fast and easy access to high quality patch clamp data with minimal training. The system is ideal for quick tests of cells and ion channels, and also as an educational tool.


Using the Port-a-Patch mini is straightforward and easy, the user simply adds solutions and cells onto the disposable recording chip, where a cell is automatically captured and sealed by suction using a computer-controlled pump. Solutions can be easily exchanged using a laboratory pipette, ensuring simple exchange of solution, and low compound consumption. The Port-a-Patch mini can be used as an alternative to conventional patch clamp and as a teaching tool. It offers access to high quality patch clamp data with only minimal training.

The Port-a-Patch mini system is comprised of the Port-a-Patch mini recording unit, a Suction Control unit, a Tecella amplifier and a laptop (optional). Our dedicated team of electrophysiologists and engineers are committed to continuous in-house assay development, software and hardware advancements, ensuring fast and custom-tailored solutions for your assay demands.

Do you want to find out how you can record your cells faster using the Port-a-Patch mini?

Watch this short video to find out how you can patch a cell in 60 seconds!


Port-a-Patch mini Product sheet

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