The world’s smallest patch clamp rig.

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The Port-a-Patch is a turn-key miniaturized patch clamp system enabling the user to rapidly generate high quality data, regardless of experience. This makes it ideal as an easy-to-use tool for learning patch clamp electrophysiology. Behind its small and compact appearance lies sophisticated technology, producing high-quality measurements with giga-seals and high success rates in most common recording configurations. Its strength and flexibility are found in multiple add-ons, providing the user with a powerful tool for ion channel research.


Using the Port-a-Patch is straightforward and easy – the user simply adds solutions and cells onto the disposable recording chip, where a cell is automatically captured and sealed by suction using a computer controlled pump. A microscope or micro-manipulator are not required.

Add-Ons such as the Internal Perfusion and temperature-controlled External Perfusion, as well as the ability to conduct current clamp and bilayer experiments, broaden the range of possible experiments for scientific research immensely.

The Port-a-Patch system is comprised of the Port-a-Patch recording unit, a Suction Control unit, a HEKA amplifier and a computer. If an amplifier is already available, this can be integrated with the Port-a-Patch system in most cases. Further add-ons are available for specific assays as e.g. microscope slides, temperature control, automated perfusion systems, pressure control and light activation.

Small yet powerful.

The Port-a-Patch is a small and easy-to-use complete patch clamp setup with multiple add-ons available to make sure you get the right configuration for your application.


Port-a-Patch Product sheet

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