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Port-a-Patch platform

The Port-a-Patch platform is a complete semi-automated patch clamp system for recording from a single cell at a time. The system contains a HEKA EPC10 amplifier, software for cell capture and sealing, data acquisition software, NPC-1 chips and a reagent starter kit to ensure you get results from day 1.

Port-a-Patch Temperature-controlled External Perfusion System

The External Perfusion System for the Port-a-Patch comprises a computer controlled magnetic pinch valve panel and a dedicated temperature-controllable flow chamber (TC Flow Chamber) with a temperature range of 10 - 50°C. Up to eight different solutions can be handled by the perfusion panel. Solutions can either be switched manually or via the software. The latter allows synchronization of data acquisition with solution exchange, as well as tagging of the collected traces with relevant information such as compound and concentration applied.

Port-a-Patch Internal Perfusion System

Nanion’s planar patch clamp chips offer the unique possibility to perfuse the intracellular side of the membrane. This aspect is exploited with the Internal Perfusion System Add-on for the Port-a-Patch. Up to eight different solutions can be perfused inside the cell using Nanion’s Perfusion Panel and the specially designed internal perfusion chamber. This allows multiple concentrations of compound acting on the cytosolic portion of the ion channel to be applied. Second messengers and metabolites can also be added internally to investigate how ion channel function is affected. Solutions are exchanged within seconds, and the ion channel modulation can be continuously monitored during the solution exchange. The Internal Perfusion System can be operated either manually, or fully computer controlled. In this way, data acquisition can be synchronized with solution exchange and traces automatically tagged with the compound information.

Port-a-Patch Microscope Slide

Nanion offers the Port-a-Patch Microscope Slide developed for the simultaneous visualization and patch clamp recording of the cell. Fluorescence measurements using an upright microscope can therefore be combined with current recordings.

Suction Control Pro

The Suction Control Pro contains an interface for communication with the analog in- and outputs of the patch clamp amplifier. Via this communication route, pressure application can be synchronized with voltage protocols and they can be simultaneously recorded. The Suction Control Pro is ideally suited for studies of mechanosensitive ion channels and for studying the effect of pressure on artificial and cellular membranes.

Port-a-Patch SOL

The Port-a-Patch SOL is a specially designed protective lid for the Port-a-Patch into which up to three light sources can be connected. The Port-a-Patch SOL is ideal for optical stimulation during recordings on the Port-a-Patch. The Port-a-Patch SOL Kit consists of an optical lid and one high-power LED light source. The light source can either controlled manually or by the amplifier software. Alternatively, we provide the SOL add-on without a light source, so you are free to use your own light sources.

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