In-Depth Transporter Research.

SURFE²R technology is designed for the measurements of electrogenic transporters

The device is easy-to-use and can be learned and mastered in only one day. It allows for automated measurements which reduces the involvement of the researcher tremendously. And it contains all equipment required for experiments in only one box, among this the liquid handling components, the electrophysiological hardware and even the computer.


The technology employs solid supported membrane (SSM) -based electrophysiology which was established in the late 1990s. The reusable sensors contain a gold-coating on which the SSM is formed in a quick pipetting process. Then the sample containing your transporter of interest is added on top to physically adsorb to the SSM. Any kind of membrane preparation containing the protein of interest can be used for measurements, e.g. membrane vesicles after cell disruption or proteoliposomes after reconstitution of purified proteins. These samples can be stored frozen for months and years. Therefore no running cell culture lab is required.

The key to SSM-based electrophysiology is the exchange of solutions to provide the substrate or ligand and activate the transporter. The following charge translocation is detected and can be analyzed. Due to the high stability of the SSM up to one hundred sequential measurements can be performed on the same sample. This allows for determination of parameters such as EC50 or IC50. Since the time resolution of solution exchange is state-of-the-art, not only slow transport can be measured, but also fast binding reactions can be assayed and rate constants can be determined.

Unveiling membrane transport through
SSM-based electrophysiology

SURFE2R N1 facilitates in-depth functional characterization of electrogenic membrane transport in real-time with high sensitivity and high temporal resolution. Any membrane can be accessed for recordings, ranging from isolated membrane vesicles from native tissues or cultured cells, and organellar membranes to transporters reconstituted into proteoliposomes.


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