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SURFE²R N1 Single Sensor Chips

The SURFE²R N1 sensor chip is a proprietary innovative product by Nanion Technologies, developed for the SURFE²R N1. It is produced by an external partner, quality-controlled in-house at Nanion headquarters, and shipped from Munich.

Description and Material

  • Gold-coated sensor with 1 mm, used when a higher temporal resolution is needed.
  • Gold-coated sensor with 3 mm, used when a higher signal-to-noise ratio is needed.
  • The structure is incorporated into a screw cap for easy handling.
  • The SURFE²R N1 single sensor chips can be reused after an appropriate cleaning protocol.

Available chip types

  • SURFE2R N1 Single Sensor 3 mm" (Order # 16 1001)
  • SURFE2R N1 Single Sensor 1 mm" (Order # 16 1002)

How can we help you?

Contact our specialist Dr. Maria Barthmes (Product Manager of the SURFE2R product family). Maria is delighted to help you:
or call: +49 89 2190 95-068
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