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Data output
Signal amplitude: 0.1–10 nA, detection limit: 50 pA, noise: 20 pA
Low noise amplifier
Gain: 108–1011 V/A
Resolution: –10 V to +10 V (1.2 mV steps),
RMS noise: 0.5–22 pA
Low pass: 480 Hz
Rise time: 0.7 ms
Measuring electrode
Re-usable gold coated sensor chip with 1 mm or 3 mm diameter
Reference electrode
Platinum electrode pin in measurement chamber
Integrated computer
Windows OS, SURFE²R N1 Control (data recording and analysis software)
Fast solution exchange
200 μl/s
Continuous flow: 0.5–6 s
Time resolution: 5–30 ms
Fluidic components
2 pumps
fast switching valve
tubing cassette
IonJet with Y-fluidic
Solution handling
Autosampler with 53 positions, each ~ 10 ml and 2 teflon reservoirs, each ~70 ml
Solution consumption
Volume per measurement/substrate:
~300 μl (inhibitor: 1–2 ml)

Standard Delivery Package

The SURFE²R N1 includes:

  • Turn-key, stand-alone system
  • PC and monitor with integrated recording and analysis software
  • SURFE2R N1 Sensor 3 mm for optimal S/N
  • SURFE2R N1 Sensor 1 mm for high temporal resolution
  • Integrated computer with Windows OS and SURFE²R N1 control
  • The SURFE²R Stimulating Optical Lid SOL (optional)
  • Ph.D. level assay support and highly qualified technical support
  • 1-year warranty and optional service plans for unmatched support

How can we help you?

Contact our specialist Dr. Maria Barthmes (Product Manager of the SURFE2R product family). Maria is delighted to help you:
or call: +49 89 2190 95-068
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