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SURFE2R N1 – Prof. Dr. Klaus Fendler

"SSM-based electrophysiology is a well-established technique developed in our lab in the early 1990s for the investigation of electrogenic membrane transporters. It works with a wide range of samples from mammalian cell membranes over microbial membrane vesicles to proteoliposomes. SSM-based electrophysiology is especially useful in cases where conventional electrophysiology cannot be applied, e.g. for transporters residing in intracellular membranes or plasma membranes of small microbial cells. The SURFE2R N1 is a commercial instrument for SSM-based electrophysiology which facilitates basic research in the field of membrane transport.“"

Prof. Dr. Klaus Fendler, Max-Planck Institute of Biophysics
SURFE2R N1- Nathan Thomas

"We started collaborating with Nanion after receiving the Nanion´s SURFE2R N1 grant in 2018. The SURFE2R N1 has generated terrific functional data from the very first day it was installed in our lab. In general, it's very reliable and easy to use. Also, whenever we have run into issues or had questions about results, Nanion has provided prompt and helpful support."

Nathan Thomas, 5th Year PhD student, at Dr. Henzler-Wildman's lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
SURFE2R N1- Prof. Dr. Randy Stockbridge

"We wanted to characterize the electrophysiological characteristics of our new family of transporters to find out properties such as Km and Vmax of the substrate, and ideally to screen a set of substrates for transporter activity. However, given our difficulties in developing a transport assay, I was pessimistic that we were going to be able to move beyond radiolabeled substrates.Contrary to my expectations, electrophysiology with the SURFE2R N1 platform worked right away. We saw very robust currents in our pilot experiments during the initial training session on the instrument."

Prof. Dr. Randy Stockbridge, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, USA

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