Automated Transporter Screening.

SSM-based screening of transporter, pumps and ligand gated ion channels

The SURFE²R 96SE facilitates screening and characterization of compounds acting on transporters, pumps, ligand-gated and leak channels. High success rates and in-well quality control options confer efficient dose response analysis or single point screening of compounds modulating transporter activity.

With a throughput of up to 10,000 data points per day, the SURFE²R 96SE is a versatile tool for hit validation with the unique feature of accessing proteins residing in their native membrane environment, including organelles.


Just like the SURFE2R N1, the SURFE2R 96SE employs solid supported membrane (SSM)-based electrophysiology to resolve small currents of transporters and pumps but elevates the throughput to the next level by parallelization of 96 measurements. The transporter samples are added to gold-coated sensors in a standard 96 well-plate format. To further reduce the user's workload, most sensor coating steps can be done by the SURFE2R 96SE itself. Any substrate can be added to activate the transporter. The resulting transport or binding currents will be detected and analyzed accordingly. The process from sensor preparation and measurement to data analysis is fully automated.

The SURFE2R 96SE is preferred over the SURFE2R N1 when a high throughput environment is needed. This is the case, e.g. for compound or transporter screening projects. The SURFE2R 96SE is also suitable to increase throughput for basic research. Data generation is approximately 100 times faster compared to the SURFE2R N1.

Matching your transporter screening needs

The SURFE2R 96SE is the only commercially available platform for higher throughput solid supported membrane (SSM) -based electrophysiology on the market.


SURFE²R 96SE Product sheet

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