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SURFControl software

SURFControl is a powerful graphical user interface for intuitive, quick and easy setup of recording parameters and experimental protocols.

  • Intuitive, quick & easy-to-use setup
  • In-well QC options
  • Color-coding of recording wells based on QC parameters
  • Raw data and analysis results in the same window

The DataControl 96 software

DataControl accelerates data analysis by quick and easy loading of recorded files and user-defined analysis templates.

  • Analysis performed with a few mouse clicks (IC50, EC50  values etc.)
  • Data analysis templates display results within seconds
  • Instant re-calculation upon parameter changes
  • Heat maps for an intuitive overview of compound effects
  • Customized data export
  • Word or pdf-reporting

How can we help you?

Contact our specialist Dr. Maria Barthmes (Product Manager of the SURFE2R product family). Maria is delighted to help you:
or call: +49 89 2190 95-068
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