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The SURFE2R 96SE device

The SURFE2R (surface electrogenic event reader) technology is the only available commercial solution for SSM-based electrophysiology on the market. Nanion Technologies developed the SURFE2R N1 as an easy-to-learn all-in-one device for universities and basic research and the high-throughput device SURFE2R 96SE. The SURFE2R 96SE is integrated into the CyBio® Felix liquid handling platform. Nanion Technologies provides the electrophysiological hardware and the computer running a software package for data recording and analysis. The device can not only be used for electrophysiological measurements, but also for sensor preparation and pipetting purposes. The device can measure 10,000 data points a day. In contrast to the SURFE2R N1, the SURFE2R 96SE also comes with a dedicated data analysis software which allows for automated analysis of the massive amount of data you generate each day. The SURFE2R 96SE uses sensors in a standard 96-well plate format. Membranes containing the protein of interest are adsorbed onto these sensors. The measurement is initiated by a substrate concentration jump. The solution exchange is controlled by the liquid handling platform CyBio® Felix. The pipetting head contains 96 pipettes which load solutions from solution positions and inject them to the sensor plate. All 96 sensors of the sensor plate are measured simultaneously, but different solutions can be used for each measurement. The sensor plate is enclosed by a Faraday cage and connected to a 96-channel amplifier as well as 96 gold pins which work as reference electrodes. The CyBio® Felix holds up to 8 well plates for 8 to 8 x 96 different solutions which allows up to 7 sequential measurements using different conditions in each automated workflow. The CyBio® pipettor allows the measurement of fast kinetics with low solution consumption, showing a time resolution of down to 5 ms by using only 50 µl of compound solution per measurement.

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