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The SyncroPatch 384 is a revolutionary automated patch clamp system combining high quality electrophysiological data acquisition and analysis with state-of-the-art liquid handling. With 384 amplifier channels and a 384-pipetting head, up to 384 cells can be recorded in parallel, resulting in a throughput of up to 20,000 high-quality data points per day.With its ease-of-use and open design, SyncroPatch 384 is much more than a fully automated HTS system, and can also be efficiently used for lower throughput applications.


The SyncroPatch 384 is an automated patch clamp instrument with 384 recording channels incorporated into a state-of-art liquid handling robot. It can be used for screening large compound libraries but also for smaller screens and assay development using the 32-well mode of operation. This allows the instrument to be literally turned into a lower throughput instrument, using a fraction of the chip and pipetting head in multiples of 32 wells. The rest of the chip can be used over several days which takes further advantage of the economical price of the NPC-384 chip. The SyncroPatch 384 also includes a sophisticated temperature control which can cool as well as heat, this can be used to maintain a constant temperature or to activate cold-activated ion channels. The SyncroPatch 384 can be used in all stages of drug discovery, from hit discovery through lead optimization to safety pharmacology, and can also be used for complex biophysical analysis of ion channels in academic research.

The SyncroPatch 384 is supplied as a complete system including the Biomek i5 pipetting robot, Tecella amplifier with 384 channels, NPC-384 chips, Reagent starter kit and all the required software. Temperature control, Cooled CellHotel and current clamp are all provided as standard.

Our dedicated team of electrophysiologists and engineers are committed to continuous in-house assay development, software and hardware advancements, ensuring fast and custom-tailored solutions for your assay demands.

SyncroPatch 384 is the preferred HTS automated patch clamp system for researchers worldwide

The SyncroPatch 384 is our newest generation automated patch clamp system. Whether you’re screening large compound libraries or investigating complex biophysical properties of ion channels, the SyncroPatch 384 can do it all due to its high flexibility.


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