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SyncroPatch 384

PatchControl 384 software

PatchControl 384 is a powerful graphical user interface for intuitive, quick and easy setup of voltage protocols and experimental parameters. A color-coded view of the 384 wells gives the user a good overview of the success of the experiment based on quality control parameters. The Method Launcher, Milestones and Guided Labware Setup help the operator setup and run the experiment. Voltage protocols can be chosen from templates and parameters altered according to specific requirements, and standard and advanced modes of operation ensure routine protocols can be setup and run with ease, even by non-experts. The PatchControl 384 software can be easily updated with all relevant methods and protocols that comply with the S7B best practice considerations for in vitro studies in accordance with the CiPA paradigm.

DataControl 384

DataControl 384 accelerates data analysis by quick and easy loading of files recorded in PatchControl 384 and user-defined analysis templates. Benefit from automated calculation of IC50, EC50, Z’ values and Vhalf with just a few mouse clicks. Full concentration analysis of IV curves is possible. Heat maps offer an intuitive overview of compound effects and data is instantly recalculated upon parameter changes. Data tables can be customized and exported in different formats and word and pdf reporting is available.

Open Data Format

PatchControl 384 writes all relevant experimental data in an open data format to disc. This allows data analysis with external tools without the need for prior export of the data. In particular, Genedata has developed an interface and analysis routines in their Screener software utilizing the Nanion open data format. This is commercially available and is especially interesting to customers already using Genedata Screener.

DataControl 384 Software

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