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SyncroPatch 384

Simultaneous recordings
Up to 20,000 data points per day
Successful whole-cell recordings
Single-hole plates: 85%
Multi-hole plates up to 95%
Unattended operation (run overnight)
Up to 8 hours
Seal resistance
> 1 GΩ
Series resistance
< 10 MΩ
Chip resistance
1 - 6 MΩ depending on the plate type used
Single- and multi-hole chips
Recording configuration
Whole-cell and perforated patch
Cell types
Cell lines (e.g. CHO or HEK),
stemcells (e.g. cardiac, neural)
primary cells (e.g. red blood cells, immune cells, epithelial cells, cancer cell lines, etc)
Whole-cell stability
> 30 minutes
Perfusion time constant
< 50 ms
Minimum exposure time
< 1 s
Required cell density
33,000 - 5,000,000 cells/ml
Cells required per well
333 - 10,000
Unlimited solution additions
Consumable shelf-life
> 1 year
Temperature control
10 - 37°C (integrated as standard)
Current clamp
Integrated as standard

Standard Delivery Package

The SyncroPatch 384 includes:

  • Biomek i5 with a 384-pipettor arm, gripper and temperature-controlled deck positions
  • Temperature-controlled patch clamp module
  • Tecella Amplifier (384 channels) incl. current clamp
  • Windows 10 OS with PatchControl 384 and DataControl 384 software suite
  • Guided Labware Setup and Method Launcher
  • Temperature-controlled cell hotel
  • Barcode scanner
  • NPC-384 borosilicate recording chips
  • 1 year warranty with further optional comprehensive service plans available

How can we help you?

Contact our specialist Dr. Claudia Haarmann (Product Manager of the SyncroPatch 384). Claudia is delighted to help you:
or call: +49 89 2190 95-082
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