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SyncroPatch 384

SyncroPatch 384 platform

The SyncroPatch 384 platform is a complete automated patch clamp system for recording from 384 wells simultaneously. The system comprises a state-of-the-art Biomek i5 pipetting robot with temperature-controlled deck positions, a temperature-controlled patch clamp module and Tecella amplifier with 384 channels. Current clamp is provided as standard along with PatchControl 384 and DataControl 384 software suite, NPC-384 chips and a reagent starter kit to ensure you get results from day 1. The system is covered by a 1 year warranty which includes both technical assistance and assay development support, which can be extended by optional annual service contracts.

SyncroPatch 384 Temperature Control

The SyncroPatch 384 platform comes equipped with a sophisticated temperature control which includes 12 temperature-controlled deck positions, a cooled cell hotel and a temperature-controlled patch clamp module. The temperature range is 10 - 37°C. The solutions can be pre-warmed or cooled prior to addition to the chip to avoid large temperature changes upon solution addition.

SyncroPatch 384 Current Clamp

The amplifier comprised within the SyncroPatch 384 can record in both voltage-clamp and current-clamp modes. With no extra costs or additional hardware required, the user can simply switch from voltage-clamp to current-clamp to record action potentials from electrically active cells, including stem cell-derived, and adult primary, cardiomyocytes.

32-well mode

With the 32-well mode of the SyncroPatch 384, you can literally turn the instrument into a lower throughput automated patch clamp instrument. Use part of the chip (in multiples of 32) and the rest of the chip can be stored and used at a later timepoint, with no change in the success rate. This is particularly useful for assay development and smaller screening projects.

Optogenetic Stimulation Tool

The SyncroPatch 384 enables the control of membrane voltage by both voltage-clamp and optogenetics using the unique Optogenetic Stimulation Tool. The tool includes 6 LED-modules, each equipped with 96 LEDs. The LED control settings allow different modes of operation. Besides „On“ (Switches the LEDs permanently on), „Off“ (Switches the LEDs off) and „Stimulation“ (starts a defined light pulse protocol) there are further more sophisticated modes available.

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