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SyncroPatch 384

SyncroPatch 384 – Dr. Elena G. Govorunova

"Our lab is focused on exploration of natural channelrhodopsin diversity and conduction mechanisms, and on the development of new optogenetic tools by molecular engineering. There are ~800 natural channelrhodopsin variants already known and many more are being discovered by global DNA sequencing projects, and their engineering for the needs of optogenetics creates thousands of mutants to be tested. Using a high-throughput platform such as the SyncroPatch has greatly facilitated our research, as it allows probing many different variants simultaneously. The SyncroPatch instrument grant has provided us with a unique opportunity to thoroughly test the machine in our own laboratory and to collect preliminary data to apply for the funds to purchase it. I would like to highlight the exceptional level of support from Nanion scientists and engineers throughout the entire period of our use of their equipment, which has been indispensable for the success of our studies."

Dr. Elena G. Govorunova, Center for Membrane Biology, UTHealth McGovern Medical School
SyncroPatch 384 – Professor Alfred L. George, Jr., M.D.

"We originally acquired a SyncroPatch 384PE in 2014 (later upgraded to 768PE) and enjoyed amazing success using it for a variety of in vitro studies of human ion channel variants. The Nanion team provided amazing support during these early years who operated more like a scientific collaborator than an instrument supplier. However, this legacy instrument was not equipped for performing current clamp recording and our research evolved to need this feature.Fortunately for us, Nanion provided a loaner SyncroPatch 384 in April 2021 to allow us opportunities to generate action potential recordings from human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and some mouse neuron preparations. These preliminary data solidified our competitiveness for an NIH shared instrument grant to purchase the instrument, which was funded after only one submission. The chance to ‘test drive’ the new SyncroPatch 384 was transformative for our research and helped us acquire needed funding to purchase the instrument"

Professor Alfred L. George, Jr, M.D., Professor and Chair of Pharmacology at Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
SyncroPatch 384 – Caterina Virginio PhD and Dr. Stephen Hess

"For years, Evotec has enjoyed leveraging the expert know-how, application support, and field service from Nanion, to provide drug discovery and safety solutions for our Ion Channel and Transporter program collaborators. This included projects spectra from membrane fragments to intact cells and from kinetics pf compound effect to screening hundreds of thousands of compounds."

Caterina Virginio Ph.D., Discovery Electrophysiology Senior Manager and Dr. Stephen Hess, Research Leader, Ion channels, Evotec SE

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