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Vesicle Prep Pro

Success rate GUV formation
Vesicle Size
1-30 µm
Average size
10 µm (60-70 %)
Preparation time
20-300 min (lipid/protocol dependent)
Voltage amplitude
± 10 V (max. 20 V peak to peak)
Amplitude resolution
10 mV
0-1000 Hz
Output current
max. 100 mA
Capacity of liquid
200-900 µL
Temperature range
RT- 70 °C
Maximum salt concentration
50 mM (NaCl or KCl, etc.)

Standard Delivery Package

The Vesicle Prep Pro includes:

  • Vesicle Prep Pro.
  • Vesicle Prep Chamber.
  • Integrated temperature control.
  • ITO slides.
  • VesicleControl Software (Windows).

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