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Vesicle Prep Pro

Vesicle Prep Pro – Marisa Rangel, Ph.D.

"Our planar lipid bilayers are obtained from GUVs prepared with the Nanion Vesicle Prep Pro setup. Together with the Port-a-Patch, Nanion´s state-of-the-art automated patch clamp platform, the efficiency of characterization of pore-forming peptides (and other ionophores from natural sources) in artificial bilayers has greatly increased. Both systems are straightforward and easy to use, allowing high quality, low noise, single channel recordings."

Marisa Rangel, Ph.D., Researcher, University of Sao Paulo
Vesicle Prep Pro – Dr. Naira Ayvazyan

"Vesicle PrepPro became a very often-using routine lab equipment. Very user-friendly compact equipment, giving the opportunity to form GUVs from both single lipids and phospholipids mixtures. It is perfectly work in tandem with patch-clump and also for any other experimental approach (like as lipid raft visualization by two-photon excitation microscopy). The price is also quite reasonable."

Dr. Naira Ayvazyan, Orbeli Institute of Physiology NAS RA
Vesicle Prep Pro – Prof. Colin Taylor

"We are using the Vesicle Prep Pro and Port-a-Patch in our laboratory to study recombinant channel proteins reconstituted in planar bilayers. The system is easy to use and it makes experiments very efficient. Besides the great equipment, Nanion, with their widespread expertise, is also providing excellent continuous support, helping with methodology optimization and problem solving."

Prof. Colin Taylor, Professor of Cellular Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

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