SURFE2R N1 Research Grant

Accelerating transporter research

Would you like to feel the easiness of transporter research with an instrument specially designed for the measurements of electrogenic transporters?

The SURFE2R N1 is made to bring sensitivity, speed, and easiness into your transporter research. No need for harsh radiolabeled compounds, time-consuming protocols, or worries about missing transporter currents due to their small amplitude.

We are giving you the opportunity to receive a SURFE2R N1 for 6 months in your lab, including consumables and assay development support, completely free of charge.

Why should you apply?

What will
you do?

SURFE2R N1 enables comprehensive functional characterization of electrogenic membrane transport in real-time, offering heightened sensitivity and temporal resolution. It allows recordings from diverse membranes, including isolated membrane vesicles from native tissues or cultured cells, organellar membranes, and transporters reconstituted into proteoliposomes.

If you are looking for a sensitive instrument to measure small transporter currents, as those expected from secondary transporters, and want to study the function and inhibition of secondary transporters in a native-like environment without using radioligands and incease the speed and throughput of your research - this grant is for you!


Previous winners: their story

Success stories

Offering SURFE2R N1 research grants has become a tradition at Nanion, lasting since 2018. Many labs have benefited from this opportunity, and ultimately obtained their own systems.

Read the success stories of our previous SURFE2R N1 grant winners and learn how SURFE2R N1 accelerated their research!

How do I apply?

Upon registration, you will be able to download the application form along with the terms and conditions.

Application deadline: September 30th, 2024


Applications are now open!

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Contact our specialist Dr. Cecilia George (HQ Senior Sales Manager SURFE2R / Senior Scientist ). Cecilia and the rest of the SURFE2R N1 grant team. We are delighted to help you: