SyncroPatch 384 Research Grant

Helping scientists achieve their research goals

Wouldn’t you like to have 384 skilled patch clamp electrophysiologists working for you?

Have you got an ion channel project that you have always wanted to do but couldn’t because of a lack of time, money or resources?

Well, now you can.

The SyncroPatch 384 is much more than an automated patch clamp instrument, it is the gateway to your next high impact publication, blockbuster drug, or successful grant application.

We are giving you the opportunity to receive a SyncroPatch 384 for 9 months in your lab, including consumables and assay development support, completely free of charge.

Why should you apply?

What will
you do?

With the SyncroPatch 384 you can record up to 20,000 data points per day with comparable data quality to manual patch clamp, just quicker and easier. You can also run the SyncroPatch 384 in fully unattended mode, freeing up your time for other research tasks, whilst the SyncroPatch 384 prepares compound plates, and runs the experiment. Whether you’re working on fast ligand-gated ion channels, voltage-gated ion channels, stem cell-derived cells, or primary cells, the SyncroPatch 384 will become your indispensable tool for all your ion channel projects. Take advantage of the sophisticated temperature control, current and voltage clamp as standard, and add-ons such as the optogenetic stimulation tool to expand your research capabilities.


SyncroPatch 384 Interactive Brochure

Winners 2023: their story

In 2023 we received dozens of high quality applications for the SyncroPatch 384 Instrument Grant and the judges had a hard time choosing just one winning lab. In the end, we choose two outstanding proposals.

"Enabling hit identification and early structure-activity generation for novel ion channel targets"


Dr. John Atack, Helen Waller-Evans, Emyr Loyd-Evans, and Oana Popa from Medicines Discovery Institute at Cardiff University are the winners for the Instrument Grant in Europe. They plan on using the SyncroPatch 384  to identify of high-quality compounds to validate novel ion channel targets , with focus on lysosomal biology, for subsequent drug discovery.

Watch the moment John and co-investigators found out that their proposal had been successful:


Congrats John and co-workers!

"Evaluating Ca2+ Channelopathies Across Multiple Cell Types"


Dr. Ivy Dick and Matt Trudeau from University of Maryland School of Medicine are the winners for the Instrument Grant in North America. They plan on using the SyncroPatch 384  to evaluate the biophysical impact of mutations accross multiple cell types to facilitate new progress in our understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms underlying ion-channelopathies.

Watch the moment Ivy and co-investigators found out that their proposal had been successful:


Congrats Ivy and co-workers!

How do I apply?

Deadline to submit your proposal: Submissions are now closed but you can register below to stay informed about the next grant.

Our promise

The winning applicant will receive a SyncroPatch 384 in their lab for 9 months. Included in the grant is full training on the system, NPC-384 consumables and assay development support from our panel of ion channel experts for the duration of the grant.

Applications are now closed!

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