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    Niels Fertig


    Andrea Brüggemann


    Michael George


    Frank Henrichsen

    Director of Global Sales

    Sonja Stölzle-Feix

    Director Scientific Affairs/ Product Manager of Cell analytics systems

    Claudia Haarmann

    Director of Product Implementation

    Mathias Beckler

    Director of Production

    Søren Friis

    Director Global Customer Relations

    Johannes Stiehler

    Director Software Development

    Rodolfo Haedo

    Chief Operating Officer, Nanion Inc.

    Andy Di

    General Manager Nanion Technologies China

    Takayuki Oka

    Representative Director, Nanion Technologies Japan K.K.

    Nadine Becker

    Team Lead Automated Patch Clamp / Product Manager Patchliner

    Patrick Mumm

    Product Manager Port-a-Patch / Senior Sales Order Manager/ HR Manager

    Maria Barthmes

    Software Requirements Engineer / Product Manager SURFE2R

    Conrad Weichbrodt

    Senior Scientist / Product Manager Orbit

    Markus Rapedius

    Senior Scientist / Product Manager Chips (APC)

    Axel Brüggemann

    Lab Manager HQ/ Product Manager Reagents

    Alison Obergrussberger

    Scientific Communications Manager

    Elena Dragicevic

    Global Marketing Manager

    Cecilia George

    HQ Senior Sales Manager SURFE2R / Senior Scientist

    Andre Bazzone

    Senior Scientist / Principal Investigator

    Marta Lemme

    Senior Scientist

    Martin Hampl

    Senior Scientist / Software Engineer

    Nina Brinkwirth

    Senior Scientist

    Tom Goetze

    Senior Scientist

    Maria Giustina Rotordam

    Senior Scientist

    Rasmus Gönner

    Senior Scientist

    Ilka Rinke-Weiß

    Senior Scientist

    Christian Grad

    Technical Product Manager Patchliner

    Marius Vogel

    Technical Product Manager SyncroPatch

    Stephan Holzhauser

    Technical Product Manager SURFE2R

    Professor Jan Behrends

    Chairman of the Board

    Martin Ziller

    Development Engineer

    Jan Marius Rathje

    Application Scientist

    Maurizio De Poli

    Service Operations Manager

    Giovanna De Filippi

    Business Development Manager

    Artem Kondratskyi

    Scientific Solutions Manager

    Fitzwilliam Seibertz

    Scientific Sales

    Kefan Yang

    Application Scientist

    Nouran Adly

    Application Scientist

    Nicoletta Murciano

    Application Scientist

    Rocco Zerlotti

    Application Scientist