• Nanion技术: 离子通道研究的智能工具

    Nanion技术: 离子通道研究的智能工具

  • SyncroPatch 384i: HTS Automated Patch Clamp

    SyncroPatch 384i: HTS Automated Patch Clamp

  • SURFE²R 96SE: 非标记高通量转运体筛选

    SURFE²R 96SE: 非标记高通量转运体筛选

  • Dynamic Clamp: Patchliner

    Dynamic Clamp: Patchliner

  • 脂双层记录: Orbit产品系列

    脂双层记录: Orbit产品系列

  • CardioExcyte 96 SOL:用光遗传的手段起搏心肌细胞

    CardioExcyte 96 SOL:用光遗传的手段起搏心肌细胞


SyncroPatch 384

SyncroPatch 384





Port-a-Patch mini

Port-a-Patch mini

CardioExcyte 96

CardioExcyte 96

FLEXcyte 96

FLEXcyte 96





Orbit 16 TC

Orbit 16 TC

Orbit Mini

Orbit Mini

Vesicle Prep Pro

Vesicle Prep Pro

Patchliner - 兼顾科研与药物研发



  • 可对细胞外液与内液进行灌流
  • 可无限次数给药(由于持续对废液移除)
  • 温度控制 (见Applications)
  • 可制冷的细胞池
  • 支持电压钳 & 电流钳记录 + 动态钳制技术
  • 有4通道与8通道两个配置可供选择
  • 有自产的单孔 & 多孔芯片
  • 串联电阻Rseries补偿


  • 电压与配体门控离子通道
  • 温度激活通道
  • 在生理温度下记录
  • 全细胞l & 穿孔膜片钳
  • 细胞系、原代细胞与干细胞
  • 为CiPA而验证的系统
  • 极少的细胞消耗
  • 易用 & 定制的分析工具

Patchliner是一款多功能且强大的膜片钳系统,是基础研究与离子通道生物物理学与通道活动机制研究的理想工具。 可进行许多复杂的实验,如热激活TRP 通道, 通过 内液交换 激活 Ca2+-激活通道与通过快速外液灌流实现对诸如 nAChα7配体门控离子通道进行短时间的药物暴露操作。 such as Patchliner也是进行常规试验的卓越的工具,例如CiPA规定的对ERG和其他心脏离子通道的安全筛选等。

自2006年发布以来, 在全球已经安装了超过100台设备,包括学术机构 (46%), 制药企业(34%)与CRO公司 (20%)。Patchliner由于其稳定的高封接成功率 (>80% GΩ级封接), 极少的细胞消耗和被证明能在原代细胞与干细胞上使用等优势点而被广泛赞誉。

我们专业的电生理团队与工程师们持续进行内部的试验研发, 软件与硬件的升级、提供快速与定制的溶液以满足实验需求。



nanion 22 07 19 012 Patchliner + Dynamite wo background


The Dynamite8 is a fully automated dynamic clamp add-on integrating seamlessly into an 8-channel or 4-channel Patchliner. IK1 simulation and seal compensation are individually calculated for each cell, for up to 8 cells simultaneously. Applying our dynamic clamp method results in stable, negative resting membrane potentials and improved stability and shape of APs recorded from human induces pluripotent stem-cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hiPSC-CMs).

Stable and reliable AP recordings allow for the acquisition of full, cumulative dose-response curves, providing the basis for automated AP pharmacology recordings for cardiac safety and drug testing. No user intervention is required during experiments: all parameters are calculated and applied by the Dynamite8. If desired, all critical parameters are easily accessible for modification through the user.

Read the product flyer here.


patchliner Detail 3 Edit

The Patchliner CoolingPlate integrates into the Patchliner for temperature control of cells and solutions. Cells can be kept at a cooled temperature for increased seal resistance and whole cell stability, even hours after harvesting. Solutions can also be cooled to improve stability, e.g. ATP-containing internal solution. The CoolingPlate provides space for a CellHotel and 8 Eppendorf tubes. It is simple to install and easily controlled via PatchControl HT.

Read the product flyer here.

Patchliner Safety edition

PL Safety editionThe Patchliner Safety Edition is set up to readily run safety pharmacology protocols and analysis routines. It comes with pre-installed routines and SOPs for hERG, NaV1.5-peak, NaV1.5-late and CaV1.2 according to the CiPA guidelines. The training is focused on safety pharmacology experiments and of course adaptable to specific user requirements. The Patchliner Safety Edition includes temperature control for measurements at physiological temperature, the Patchliner CoolingPlate for viability of cells and stability of compounds, and the Dynamite8 for dynamic clamp action potential recordings of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes. In addition, we offer expert support from Nanion’s CiPA specialists.

Read the product flyer here.


Patchliner 软件

PatchControl HT

screenshot pl sw

PatchControl HT is the software for the Patchliner. The vast experimental freedom of the Patchliner platform is due to the flexibility of the software.

PatchControl HT is a graphical user interface allowing straightforward and easy programming of protocols either by using pre-programmed modules, or by setting up customized protocols based on the specific user requirements.

Because of its inherent logical programming capabilities, experimental redundancy is reduced to a minimum, thus maximizing the data throughput.

PatchControl HT not only allows the running of experiments from start to finish, it also supports changes on-the-fly. This latter feature speeds up the assay development process immensely. It also makes the Patchliner a valuable tool for research.

In addition, PatchControl HT is compatible with various document and database formats which makes compound loading and data analysis faster and easier when screening a large number of compounds.


hERG Screenshot Data Analysis Tool 1 700

Data can easily be analyzed using Nanion's Data Analysis Package, a very efficient and convenient data analysis tool. With a few mouse clicks raw data is loaded, displayed, analyzed and pooled, reducing the effort to a minimum.

Display of raw current traces at this point allows judgement of the quality of the data recorded from each cell. Individual cells can be easily excluded from the data set and averages recalculated.

Current Voltage relationship plots as well as IC50 values are automatically calculated and displayed.



application16 chip 4

The NPC-16 chip is a proprietary innovative product by Nanion Technologies, developed for the Patchliner. It is produced and quality-assured in-house at Nanion headquarters and shipped from Munich to our international customers. Different types of NPC-16 chips are available which should be chosen depending on cell size and application.


The borosilicate glass slide with the patch aperture is encased in a cartridge forming the microfludic channels through which the solutions are delivered. The design of the chip allows as well an internal solution exchange during an experiment.


Each NPC-16 chip contains 16 recording chambers.
Depending on the Patchliner version (Quattro, Octo) 4 or 8 of these sites are used at a time. Three chips can be loaded onto the Patchliner. 48 recordings can be performed without user intervention.
Additionally, the number of exchanges of either the internal or the external solution is unlimited.

Available chip types
  • "NPC-16, 1x, medium resistance": One hole well, 1.8 - 3 MOhm (Order # 071102)
  • "NPC-16, 4x, medium resistance": Four hole wells, 1.8 - 3 MOhm (Order # 071401)
  • "NPC-16, 1x, low resistance": One hole wells, 1.5 - 2 MOhm (Order # 071103)
  • "NPC-16, 1x, high resistance": One hole wells, 3 - 5 MOhm (Order # 071101)
  • "NPC-16, 1x, ultra-high resistance": One hole wells, 5 -8 MOhm (Order # 071104)

Other sizes are available upon request!


Buffers and Solutions for the Patchliner

Reliable buffer solutions are critical for any electrophysiological application. Our goal, therefore, is to provide high-class recording solutions that leave you in no doubt about quality and stability. Our quality assurance includes chemical tests as well as tests on our patch clamp systems of each lot. Our buffers are shipped with the corresponding "Certificates of Analysis" and "Material Safety Data Sheets" (MSDS).

Available buffers and solutions
  • "External Standard", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3001)
  • "External Standard Ca 10", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3012)
  • "External NMDG 60", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3004)
  • "External NMDG 60 Ca 10", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3011)
  • "Internal CsF 110", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3008)
  • "Internal KF 110", 500 mL: (Order # 08 3007)









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