• Nanion技术: 离子通道研究的智能工具

    Nanion技术: 离子通道研究的智能工具

  • SyncroPatch 384i: HTS Automated Patch Clamp

    SyncroPatch 384i: HTS Automated Patch Clamp

  • SURFE²R 96SE: 非标记高通量转运体筛选

    SURFE²R 96SE: 非标记高通量转运体筛选

  • Dynamic Clamp: Patchliner

    Dynamic Clamp: Patchliner

  • 脂双层记录: Orbit产品系列

    脂双层记录: Orbit产品系列

  • CardioExcyte 96 SOL:用光遗传的手段起搏心肌细胞

    CardioExcyte 96 SOL:用光遗传的手段起搏心肌细胞


SyncroPatch 384i

SyncroPatch 384i





Port-a-Patch mini

Port-a-Patch mini

CardioExcyte 96

CardioExcyte 96

FLEXcyte 96

FLEXcyte 96





Orbit 16

Orbit 16

Orbit Mini

Orbit Mini

Vesicle Prep Pro

Vesicle Prep Pro

CardioExcyte 96 – 结合细胞收缩,电生理与细胞活力记录

CardioExcyte 96非标记多功能心肌细胞研究系统是一款可同时记录心肌细胞网络收缩与电生理的设备,并且可以持续记录细胞基础阻抗并自动模拟急性与慢性细胞活力变化,可灵敏的记录可收缩的心肌细胞的细胞毒理反应,也可以记录一些非收缩的细胞,比如类肝细胞或癌细胞。CardioExcyte 96是一款全自动的设备,可同时记录96个孔,可提供高分辨率、非侵入与非标记的阻抗与场电位记录,CardioExcyte 96的主要特点有:

  • 用于低氧实验条件的新型培养系统现已上市!
  • FLEXcyte 96 附加组件可在生理条件下记录心肌的真实收缩力
  • 96孔平行记录
  • 非侵入 & 非标记测量技术
  • 高分辨率
  • 可通过电压与光刺激进行细胞跳动同步
  • 可进行急性与慢性细胞活力与毒理研究
  • Incubation system for hypoxic experimental conditions available
  • 为CiPA而验证的设备

CardioExcyte 96的96孔记录板 耗材整合的电子元件与成熟的芯片技术,使得该设备成为一款一站式的进行高效阻抗与胞外场电位记录的设备。CardioExcyte 96系统包括一套孵育系统,可以摆脱对孵育箱的依赖使得该系统可以直接放在实验台上,并能控制细胞环境的温度、空气成分和湿度。

CardioExcyte 96系统配有高效且易用的软件包,可方便地处理与导出数据,该系统已经在所有的主要干细胞供应商提供的干细胞来源心肌细胞上验证过,包括单层细胞与跳动的3D细胞簇;同时也在细胞系上 (肝细胞样细胞、癌细胞等)进行细胞毒理研究。



CardioExcyte 96 平台

CardioExcyte Integra 1

The CardioExcyte 96 package contains an Integra Viaflo Assist that provides automated multichannel pipetting for reproducible 96 well plate handling of cells and compounds.

CardioExcyte 96 培养系统

CardioExcyte Incubation System 1

The CardioExcyte 96 package includes an Incubation System. This means that the measurements are performed outside the cell culture incubator and the complete setup fits on a lab benchtop. The CardioExcyte 96 Incubation System controls temperature, gas mix and humidity. It is suitable for various experimental conditions (e.g. hypoxia).

CardioExcyte 96 光遗传附件

Optical stimulation and investigation of impedance and extracellular field potentials in parallel:

CardioExcyte Sol 1

The stimulating optical lid, CardioExcyte 96 SOL, uses LEDs for spatially uniform stimulation of cells transfected with light-gated ion channels such as Channelrhodopsin2 (ChR2). After transfection of iPS cardiomyocytes with ChR2 the cells can be stimulated by blue light. Each light impulse induces a depolarization of the cells and thus an action potential is triggered. The advantages of optical stimulation over electrical stimulation include the highly precise timing, all cells of the beating network are stimulated exactly at the time of the light stimulus. In contrast, electrical stimulation propagates from the electrode across the well and thus cells are stimulated progressively. A mean beat calculation of precisely timed beats enables in-depth compound analysis and concentration response dependencies to be obtained. This is one of the key software capabilities of the CardioExcyte Control/ DataControl software package that is provided with each CardioExcyte 96 system.


CardioExcyte 96 软件包

CardioExcyte Analysis Software

The CardioExcyte Control software supports online analysis of beating parameters. The unique Mean Beat Function automatically visualizes the average of beat traces from one well, enveloped by the standard deviation, indicating the consistency of the beat pattern within the recording well, i.e. if the cellular network is synchronously beating or not. The control software is intuitive and easy-to-use, at the same time very powerful in terms of experimental setup and online visualization of the recorded data.

The DataControl 96 software package is an independent software package to load and analyze data recorded on the CardioExcyte 96.The analysis template can be saved and reloaded. Customized export formats of analysis results are integrated.

The Online Analysis Post Processor (OAPP) is a software tool enabling quick visualization of well-to-well statistics and concentration dependent effects. Parameters and traces can be normalized to control values or time points. Export of graphics is straightforward making OAPP a highly versatile tool for the analysis routine.

Statement about the DataControl 96 Package



CE Plate

NSP-96芯片是Nanion公司适配CardioExcyte 96的专利产品,有适用于不同实验的多种规格可供选择。

  • 标准96孔板规格
  • 工作容量: 25-340 µl (表面积 34mm2)
  • 平板, 双极环路金电极设计
  • 支持记录2D和3D 结构
  • 设计为可记录EFP和 阻抗

  • "NSP-96, CardioExcyte 96 Sensor Plates - Stim": 带额外的刺激电极的标准板(Order # 201003)
  • "NSP-96 CardioExcyte96 Sensor Plates 0.6 mm": 标准板, 直径0.6 mm记录电极 (Order # 201002)
  • "NSP-96 CardioExcyte96 Sensor Plates 2.0 mm": 标准板, 直径2.0 mm记录电极 (Order # 201001)


Icon CE   CardioExcyte 96 and   Icon FLEX   FLEXcyte 96 product flyer on plates available  logo pdf   (0.90 MB) 




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