mTRPM7 raw current responses to a voltage ramp voltage procotol recorded on the Port-a-Patch under control conditions and after subsequent internal perfusion with Mg2+

TRPM7 | Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel Subfamily M Member 7

Transient  receptor potential channels


Most TRP channels are composed of 6 transmembrane domains (helices) with intracellular N- and C-termini, non-selectively permeable to various cations

TRPM7: Background information

TRPM7 is a divalent cation channel permeable to calcium and magnesium. The protein encoded by this TRPM7 is both an ion channel and a serine/threonine protein kinase. The kinase activity is essential for the ion channel function, which serves to increase intracellular calcium levels and to help regulate magnesium ion homeostasis.


Human Protein:
UniProt Q96QT4

Widely expressed in mammalian cells, especially heart, pituitary, bone, adipose tissue, highest expression level in kidney

Function/ Application:
TRPM7 has a central role in magnesium ion homeostasis and in the regulation of anoxic neuronal cell death. Furthermore, the channel is involved in TNF-induced necroptosis downstream of MLKL by mediating calcium influx and it may be involved in a fundamental process that adjusts plasma membrane divalent cation fluxes according to the metabolic state of the cell.

Ophthalmomyiasis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-Parkinsonism/Dementia Complex 1, dementia, lateral sclerosis, cardiac fibrosis, atrial fibrillation, macrothrombocytopenia. TRPM7 plays a role in cancer cells including survival, cell cycle progression, proliferation, growth, migration, invasion, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)

PLCB1, PLCB2, phosphorylates annexin 1, forms complexes in synaptic vesicles with synapsin I and synaptotagmin I and directly interacts with snapin, TRPM7 forms heterodimers with TRPM6.

carvacrol, H+ (extracellular), ADP, naltriben, PiP2, 2-APB, spermine, fingolimod, La3+

Patch Clamp: whole cell

Recommended Reviews:
International Union of Pharmacology. XLIII. Compendium of voltage-gated ion channels: transient receptor potential channels., Pharmacol Rev 55(4):591-6 Clapham, et al. 2003

Data and Applications

TRPM7 - Current Traces

mTRPPM7InternalPerfPorty smlicon pap   Port-a-Patch data and applications:

Shown are mTRPM7 (HEK293) raw current responses to a voltage ramp voltage procotol  (−100 mV to 100 mV over 200 ms) recorded under control conditions and after subsequent internal perfusion with Mg2+ (left). Initally, currents showed some run-up before they became stable. The arrows in the timecourse on the right mark the timepoints for which the raw current traces are shown.

Application Notes


2016 - Human T cells in silico: Modelling their electrophysiological behaviour in health and disease

icon pl  Patchliner publication in Journal of Theoretical Biology (2016)

Ehling P., Meuth P., Eichinger P., Hermann A.M., Bittner S., Pawlowski M., Pankratz S., Herty M., Budde T., Meuth S.G.

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