• VDAC's

    Representative parallel recording from 3 VDAC channel measured on the Orbit mini

Mitochondria - "Mitoplasts from HEK cells on Nanion‘s Port-a-Patch"

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Mitochondria play an important role in metabolism by providing the cell with ATP due to oxidative phosphorylation. But they are also supposed to be involved in apoptosis and cytoprotection. The mitochondrial membranes contain a large number of ion channels, transporters and pores. However the physiological role of mitochondrial channels is largely unknown. The main channel of the outer membrane is VDAC, a well described anion conductance. In the inner membrane most prominent are the permeability transition pore (PTP) and the inner membrane anion channel IMAC. Different potassium channels are described as well (mitoBK, mitoKATP and Kv1.3) and a number of calcium conducting channels and receptors (for example MCU). To study the channels of the inner mitochondrial membrane the outer membrane can be stripped of by osmotic swelling. This method was used for the examples of electrophysiological measurement with the Port-a-Patch shown below. 


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