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01.12.2017: Get your next high ranking publication with the Port-a-Patch - end of year sale!



Title: "Get your next high ranking publication with the Port-a-Patch - end of year sale!"

The Port-a-Patch is a miniaturized patch clamp device for performing patch clamp measurements from a single cell or bilayer at a time. Cells or vesicles are simply pipetted on top of the planar borosilicate glass chip and a tight seal, in the order of giga-ohms, is established between the membrane and the glass layer. Single channel or whole cell measurements can be made with the device without any prior electrophysiology experience. 

You could be publishing your next paper using the Port-a-Patch in high ranking journals such as Science, Nature Scientific Reports or Nature Communications like the groups below:

icon pap Dong, YY, et al. 2015. Science. K2P channel gating mechanisms revealed by structures of TREK-2 and a complex with Prozac. 347(6227): 1256-1259

icon pap & icon vpp Dhakshnamoorthy, B, et al. 2016. Nature Communications. Structural and functional characterization of a calcium-activated cation channel from Tsukamurella aurometabola. 7: 12753

icon pap & icon vpp Shapovalov, G, et al. 2017. Nature Scientific Reports. Organelle membrane derived patches: reshaping classical methods for new targets. 7: 14082

icon pap Hernandez-Morales, M, et al. 2017. Ocotarget. Mitochondria sustain store-operated currents in colon cancer cells but not in normal colonic cells: reversal by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. 8: 55332-55352

 icon pap & icon vpp Moparthi, L. et al. 2016. Nature Scientific Reports. Human TRPA1 is a heat sensor displaying intrinsic U-shaped thermosensitivity. 6: 28763

For a full list of Port-a-Patch publications click here.

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