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22.07.2020: Free Application Note - Conduction Velocity plays a pivotal role in cardiovascular diseases

The Importance of Conduction Velocity

In this study, we have investigated the effect of the sodium channel blocker lidocaine (30 and 100 μM) on CV in hiPSC-CMs (NEXEL Cardiosight®-S) using the CardioExcyte 96.

What you will learn:

  • Conduction Velocity (CV) is related to how fast the membrane depolarizes and sodium channel blockers (like lidocaine) can reduce CV.
  • Decreasing CV is often used to terminate arrhythmias caused by re-entry circuits. 
  • Therefore, the establishment of a method to estimate compound effect on conduction velocity is an important aspect of the study of arrhythmogenesis, especially where it involves arrhythmias based on re-entry.

Download the Application Note



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