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31.03.2021: Nanion Newsbites - Instrument Grant Announced

Nanion Newsbites: March 2021 Highlights

In the latest edition of our quarterly recap we highlight our SURFE2R N1 Grant award, where for a limited time we are giving you the chance to win a platform supporting label-free, functional transporter measurements in real time.

Featured Publicaitions for download:
Pathological conformations of disease mutant Ryanodine Receptors revealed by cryo-EM
[Nature Communications]

Sex-Specific Control of Human Heart Maturation by the Progesterone Receptor 
[Circulation; American Heart Association]

Webinars Now Available On-Demand:

Research Ins]i[ghts:
Nanion's Transporter Webinar Series (Session 1)
Understanding drug efflux – Small Multidrug Resistance Family - Stoichiometry and Specificity
[Watch Here]

Accelerating Drug Discovery and Safety Studies on the SyncroPatch 384, User Perspectives
[Watch Here]

Ciria Hernandez, MD, Ph.D
(Assistant Research Scientist - University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute)

Yuri Kuryshev
(Principal Scientist - Charles River Laboratories)

Additionally, we announced the following meeting: Research Ins]i[ghts: Cardiac Safety Symposium 2021

Date: 19.05 - 20.05.2021 (Available Live or Register for an On-Demand Access)

Keynote Speakers:
Yasunari Kanda, PhD (National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan)
Michael K. Pugsley, PhD, FBPhS, DSP (Cytokinetics)

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