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03.08.2022: Patchliner Stories - University of Leeds

Patchliner - Versatile and Sophisticated 

Nanion Application Scientist, Dr. András Horvath, recently visited the University of Leeds to get their Patchliner back up and running. The second Patchliner ever made, 15 years old, was soon back up and running, recording KNa1.1 currents from a unique HEK cell line stably expressing WT and epilepsy-causing gain-of-function mutant KNa1.1/KCNT1 subunits, generated at the University of Leeds.

Dr. Jon Lippiat was pleased to get the Patchliner running again, “We’re delighted that we have the Patchliner back in action. It will be a great asset to our new Structural Pharmacology Group to validate small compound collections which, from computational HTS, are predicted to modulate ion channels. This would not have been possible without the great support from Nanion, both on-site and remotely.”

We know how important it is to keep things running smoothly and with the help of the Nanion Patchliner team you’re in excellent hands! Find out more about the Patchliner and schedule your demo or service call! 

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