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FLEXcyte 96 -生理状态下记录细胞收缩

FLEXcyte 96带来了全新的心脏细胞的体外收缩力测量技术。该系统可利用干细胞分化的心肌细胞以更高的通量形式研究药理化合物的作用。 在96孔板中,单层细胞粘附在柔性基底上,并记录细胞层的同步收缩性。 这种独特的技术允许在接近心脏机械条件的原生环境中进行记录。 FLEXcyte 96是到手可用的系统,用于心脏毒性,安全性和功效筛选以及基础研究中的结构和功能收缩力记录。

FLEXcyte 96是 CardioExcyte 96的一个可选附件。FLEXcyte 96采用的记录板上的聚二甲基硅氧烷(PDMS)膜厚度小于10μm,表面经过精密修饰,具有天然人体心脏组织的生理弹性和强大的机械支撑。 当被培养基的重量偏转时,心肌细胞的节律性收缩使96孔中的膜向上提升。 通过测量偏转的变化,可以计算出机械应力。

该系统已经在许多干细胞分化的心肌细胞(Ncardia,Cellular Dynamics International,Axol和NEXEL)上进行了验证。 人源诱导多能干细胞分化的心肌细胞(hiPSC-CM)显示出正性肌力反应,不需要额外刺激“细胞成熟”。 此外还可以在患者来源的细胞上测量心脏收缩力。

FLEXcyte 96的记录不会遗漏细胞毒性反应的细微差别,可以可靠地测量心肌细胞的收缩力,以便在慢性和急性时间框架内进行安全性,有效性和毒性研究。 FLEXcyte 96是一种全自动设备,可并行记录96孔细胞。 

FLEXcyte 96 的主要特征有:

  • 记录真实的收缩
  • 支持刺激诱导细胞成熟
  • 生理条件下记录
  • 更高的通量,可同时记录96孔
  • 可胞活性和毒性的急性和慢性评估
  • 可选光遗传附件

CardioExcyte 96 / FLEXcyte 96系统包括一个小型的培养设备,使系统可独立于培养箱使用。 该设备放置在工作台顶部,同时保持对温度,气体混合和湿度的控制。该系统有出色的数据处理和输出软件包促进了效率和易用性 - 这是CardioExcyte 96 / FLEXcyte 96系统的重要组成部分。



CardioExcyte 96/ FLEXcyte 96 Platform

CardioExcyte Integra 1

The CardioExcyte 96/ FLEXcyte 96 package contains an Integra Viaflo Assist that provides automated multichannel pipetting for reproducible 96 well plate handling of cells and compounds.

FLEXcyte 96 Incubation System

FLEXcyte incubation system

The FLEXcyte 96 package includes an Incubation System. This means that the measurements are performed outside the cell culture incubator and the complete setup fits on a lab benchtop. The FLEXcyte 96 Incubation System controls temperature, gas mix and humidity.

FLEXcyte 96 SOL (Add-On)

Optical stimulation and investigation of contraction force in parallel:

CardioExcyte Sol 1

The stimulating optical lid, CardioExcyte 96/ FLEXcyte SOL, uses LEDs for spatially uniform stimulation of cells transfected with light-gated ion channels such as Channelrhodopsin2 (ChR2). After transfection of iPS cardiomyocytes with ChR2 the cells can be stimulated by blue light. Each light impulse induces a depolarization of the cells and thus an action potential is triggered. The advantages of optical stimulation over electrical stimulation include the highly precise timing, all cells of the beating network are stimulated exactly at the time of the light stimulus. In contrast, electrical stimulation propagates from the electrode across the well and thus cells are stimulated progressively. A mean beat calculation of precisely timed beats enables in-depth compound analysis and concentration response dependencies to be obtained. This is one of the key software capabilities of the CardioExcyte Control/ DataControl software package that is provided with each CardioExcyte 96/ FLEXcyte 96 system.



CardioExcyte 96/ FLEXcyte 96 Software package

FLEXcyte 96 Analysis

An adaptive signal detection algorithm extracts the positions and values of beating events. Besides beat intervals, amplitudes, rising and falling time, Pulse witdhs are detected (upper figure). Furthermore, integrals (blue and red) and arrhythmia (yellow) are identified and quantified as well.

The CardioExcyte/ FLEXcyte Control software supports online analysis of contractility parameters. The unique Mean Beat Function automatically visualizes the average of beat traces from one well, enveloped by the standard deviation, indicating the consistency of the beat pattern within the recorded well, i.e. if the cellular network is synchronously beating or not. The control software is intuitive and easy-to-use, at the same time very powerful in terms of experimental setup and online visualization of the recorded data.

The DataControl 96 software package is an independent software package to load and analyze data recorded on the CardioExcyte 96 or FLEXcyte 96. The analysis template can be saved and reloaded. Customized export formats of analysis results are integrated.




FLEXcyte plate principle

The FLX-96 FLEXcyte membrane plates come in a standard 96-well format, allowing for automated liquid handling and easy integration into your lab procedures. After 7 days of culture, the cells have formed a biohybrid material with the membranes and are ready for assay. For further maturation in the physiological environment provided by the FLEXcyte 96 plates, the cells can be cultured for up to 4 weeks. The FLX-96 plates are a proprietary innovative product by innoVitro, developed for the FLEXcyte 96. It is produced and quality-assured in-house at innoVitro headquarters and shipped to our international customers.
With less than 10 μm in thickness and sophisticated surface modification, the polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) membranes of the FLEXcyte 96 plates combine both physiological elasticity of native human heart tissue and strong mechanical support.

Description and Material

• Standard 96-well plate format
• Working volume: 200 µl (surface 34 mm2)
• Substrate: <10 µM thick PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane) flexible membrane
• Supports mature cell behavior

Available plate type:

"FLX-96, FLEXcyte 96 Membrane Plates - standard": Type standard


Cardiac Action Potentials - Digoxin Concentration response curves

FLEXcyte Digoxin

Icon FLEX   FLEXcyte 96 data and applications:
Cells were kindly provided by NEXEL.

Digoxin concentration response curves, mean IC50 calculation (n=40). A reduction of beating amplitude in a concentration dependent manner can be observed, concentrations > 1 µM predominately promote cytotoxic effects.


Cardiac Action Potentials - Effect of Isoproterenol

FLEXcyte Isoproterenol data

Icon FLEX   FLEXcyte 96 data and applications:
Cells were kindly provided by Cellular Dynamics.

Isoproterenol is enhancing contractile force. Upon application of increasing Isoproterenol concentrations a beating frequency increase is observed, along with an increased beating amplitude (positive force-frequency relationship).


Cardiac Action Potentials - Detection of cardiac arrhythmia

FLEXcyte Arrhythmia data

Icon FLEX   FLEXcyte 96 data and applications:
Cells were kindly provided by NEXEL.

Contractile behavior of NEXEL cells. DataControl software allows an overview on mean beats including standard deviations from all 96-wells. Thus, arrhythmia or rhythmic beating can be judged at a glance.


Cardiac Action Potentials - Isoproterenol increases contraction force

FLEXcyte isoproterenol amplitude

Icon FLEX   FLEXcyte 96 data and applications:
Cells were kindly provided by Cellular Dynamics.

Amplitude increase of contraction signals as % of control plotted against increasing Isoproterenol concentrations.




FLEXcyte 96 - Product Sheet

Icon FLEX   FLEXcyte 96 product sheet   logo pdf   (0.5 MB)


2016 - Mechano-Pharmacological Characterization of Cardiomyocytes Derived from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

 Icon FLEX   FLEXcyte 96 alike technology publication in Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry (2016)

Goßmann M., Frotscher R., Linder P., Neumann S., Bayer R., Epple M, Staat M., Artmann A., Artmann G.M.



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