• CardioExcyte 96

  • CardioExcyte 96

  • CardioExcyte 96

  • CardioExcyte 96

  • CardioExcyte 96


Cardiomyocytes - Optogenetics meets cardiac safety

Icon CE   CardioExcyte Optogenetics 1CardioExcyte data and applications:
Cells were kindly provided by Axiogenesis.

The stimulating optical lid, CardioExcyte 96 SOL, uses LEDs for spatially uniform stimulation of cells transfected with light-gated ion channels such as Channelrhodopsin2 (ChR2).

Right graph: LPM – Light pulse per minute plotted against the recorded beat rate (average of 96 wells). ChR2 transfected Cor.4U cells are following the optical pace rate.


Nifedpinie is a dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker that primarily blocks L-type calcium channels. Impedance and EFP recordings on Cor.4U cells reveal a concentration dependent effect on impedance amplitude, beat rate and also a shortening of the FPD as expected.

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