• Orbit 16 TC

    fully parallel recording of 16 bilayers

MspA - Mycobacterial Porin

Icon Orbit   Orbit16 Ionera MspAOrbit 16 and applications:
Data were kindly provided by Ionera.

Screenshot of the recording window showing simultaneous and parallel assay of channel-forming activity and single-channel conductance of recombinant MspA mutant porin in a diphytanoyl phosphatidylcholine bilayer derived in 1 experimental run with the Orbit 16.

Traces from a single experiment recorded in parallel from 16 lipid bilayers. Grids X: 1 s; Y: 100 pA. Addition of MspA in OPOE detergent micelles resulted in insertion of 97 pores in 12 bilayers.
Conditions: 20 mM HEPES, 350 mM KCl, pH 7,5, rMspA final concentration 20 ng/ml; holding potential +40 mV


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