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2018 - A Previously Unrecognized Ca2+-inhibited Nonselective Cation Channel in Red Blood Cells

icon pl   Patchliner publication in HemaSphere (2018)

Petkova-Kirova P., Hertz L., Makhro A., Danielczok J., Huisjes R., Llaudet-Planas E., Mañú-Pereira, M., Vives Corrons J.-L., van Wijk R., Bogdanova A., Kaestner L.

HemaSphere (2018) 2(5):e146


Storage lesion of red blood cells (RBCs) is a well-recognizedprocess characterized by complex morphological and functionalchanges. Those changes deteriorate the life-saving quality of stored blood with a reported increase in mortality for some categories of patients receiving “old” versus “new” blood. The importance of RBC cation gradients (K+and Na+) dissipation in the process of storage lesion has been recently highlighted. Here we report a previously unrecognized nonselective cation channel in human RBCs (patch-clamp) activated whenever extracellular Ca2+ is removed and very likely contributing to the cation gradients dissipation when opened. In view of the existence of such a channel the use of non-Ca2+-chelating anticoagulants like heparin, preventing channel opening, can reduce cation gradients dissipation and help limit and delay RBCs storage lesion.

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