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2003 - Microstructured apertures in planar glass substrates for ion channel research

icon pap  Port-a-Patch publication in Channels and Receptors (2003)

Fertig N., Meyer C., Tilke A., George M., Klau M., Sobotta C., Blick R.H., Behrends J.C.


Channels and Receptors (2003) 9(1):29-40


We have developed planar glass chip devices for patch clamp recording. Glass has several key advantages as a substrate for planar patch clamp devices. It is a good dielectric, is well-known to interact strongly with cell membranes and is also a relatively inexpensive material. In addition, it is optically neutral. However, microstructuring processes for glass are less well established than those for silicon-based substrates. We have used ion-track etching techniques to produce w m-sized apertures into borosilicate and quartz-glass coverslips. These apertures, which can be easily produced in arrays, have been used for high resolution recording of single ion channels as well as for whole-cell current recordings from mammalian cell lines. An additional attractive application that is greatly facilitated by the combination of planar geometry with the optical neutrality of the substrate is single-molecule fluorescence recording with simultaneous single-channel measurements.

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