2011 - Robust Electrophysiological Assays using Solid Supported Membranes: the Organic Cation Transporter OCT2

Icon N1  SURFE²R ONE (a predecessor model of the SURFE²R N1) publication in Australian Journal of Chemistry (2011)

Gaiko O., Janausch I., Geibel S., Vollert H., Arndt P., Gonski S., Fendler K.

Australian Journal of Chemistry (2011) 64(1) 31-35


An electrophysiological assay platform based on solid supported membranes (SSM) for the organic cation transporter (OCT) is presented. Stable Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines overexpressing the human (hOCT2) and rat transporters (rOCT2) were generated and validated. Membrane preparations from the cell lines were investigated using SSM-based electrophysiology. Baculovirus transfected insect cells (HighFive and Mimic Sf9) were also tested with the same assay but yielded less than optimal results. The assays were validated by the determination of substrate affinities and inhibition by standard inhibitors. The study demonstrates the suitability of the SSM-based electrophysiological OCT assay for rapid and automatic screening of drug candidates.

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