2021 - A Solid Supported Membrane Electrophysiology Assay for Efficient Characterization of Ion-Coupled Transport

 Icon N1   SURFE2R N1 publication in Journal of Biological Chemistry (2021)

Thomas N.E., Feng W., Henzler-Wildman K.A.


Journal of Biological Chemistry (2021) doi: 10.1016/j.jbc.2021.101220


Transport stoichiometry determination can provide great insight into the mechanism and function of ion-coupled transporters. Traditional reversal potential assays are a reliable, general method for determining the transport stoichiometry of ion-coupled transporters, but the time and material costs of this technique hinder investigations of transporter behavior under multiple experimental conditions. Solid supported membrane electrophysiology (SSME) allows multiple recordings of liposomal or membrane samples adsorbed onto a sensor, and is sensitive enough to detect transport currents from moderate-flux transporters that are inaccessible to traditional electrophysiology techniques. Here, we use SSME to develop a new method for measuring transport stoichiometry with greatly improved throughput. Using this technique, we were able to verify the recent report of a fixed 2:1 stoichiometry for the proton:guanidinium antiporter Gdx, reproduce the 1H+:2Cl- antiport stoichiometry of CLC-ec1, and confirm loose proton:nitrate coupling for CLC-ec1. Furthermore, we were able to demonstrate quantitative exchange of internal contents of liposomes adsorbed onto SSME sensors to allow multiple experimental conditions to be tested on a single sample. Our SSME method provides a fast, easy, general method for measuring transport stoichiometry, which will facilitate future mechanistic and functional studies of ion-coupled transporters.

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